I write therefore………………..

When I was a child I used to go down to the seaside a lot. Stand at the water’s edge and try and find the courage to wade in. Two deterrents: waves and temperature. Writing is like that. I’ve been at the water’s edge for months. Want to share things. Don’t know how. Waves knock you down. Hot can become cold. Both can sting.

Acting is like that too. Every audition is a blind date. Every rejection a pain in the heart. The job you get is the most exciting time in the whole world until the gremlins of insecurity tell you you’re no good; everyone hates you; the director is seeing you for what you really are……………….

My Blog title: an explanation. Artists need to consent to dreams. Dreams may turn into nightmares but if you believe enough in the dream you can get there.

I’ve had a little promise this week. A publication in a book of short stories with the rather dubious title of “Toast”. My story is about a dream. Susan’s. Look out for it here


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