The Full Story

When Simon Cowell glares at the contestants, he pays no heed to the churning realism of putting it “out there”. He doesn’t need to care about them. They are just the reality of the absurd reality of the TV reality show.

When people see theatre, they have opinions. And those opinions are sought out and given an airing. On October 13th there were many opinions in the small space that is the Cockpit Theatre and all of them were valuable. Some of them are given on the Politic Man page of this website. So when asked “Was it good?” I can say “Yes.” Good in the fact that the feedback was helpful, that it engendered discussion, that there were opposing sides. One would say “I didn’t like…” and another would say “Oh, I really liked that”. So the first airing of Politic Man was safely endured and also enjoyed by a few people.

And where next? We go to read the whole play at the Alexander Pub in Chatham as guests of Roundabout Nights. So me, the author is “putting it out there” once again. Hoping it will be remembered; hoping no-one will be bored; hoping that the word gets around that this new exciting play should be seen and heard because it is current and explores truth in politics and integrity and peace and mighty themes of that sort. But it tells a story too and one that is still finding its way. Two new cast members are joining the loyal team of actors whose personal commitment to the project is testament itself to the importance of making new theatre.

But it’s not like X Factor where the children, and that is what they are, come to the front of the stage, dreading and expectant in equal measure, collapse in tears of happiness or distress, hug Dermott and leave. Oh no. This is serious stuff. The absurd nature of pain in creativity has been discussed in length since Homer. But when the Greeks first thought performance might be a life changing, opinion forming tool for their civilization, they danced. Yep, theatre began with no words, just dancing. Now there’s a thought. Maybe it’s not that serious after all. Maybe words no longer matter. Last line of Politic Man? “The singing will never be done” or words to that effect………………………………


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