The times they are a-changing

My last post was in August when I was delighted to be part of Chaskis Above the Arts new writing festival. My tiny play was superbly acted and delivered by the clever people at Chaskis and I was uplifted to hear the lines I wrote creating an atmosphere in the modest space above the Arts Theatre.

Murky November has arrived and there is a newly elected president awaiting entry to the White House. A sad day; perplexing; concerning and an echo of the “how can this happen?” words spoken back in June when we awoke to find the nation was packing up and leaving Europe.

But now I am concentrating on something that I presumed would never happen. After years of re-drafts and readings and re-writes and funding applications and their following rejections, I was on the verge of putting Politic Man away for good. And then along came Ugly Duck with their open-hearted creative project to give the unknown quantity a chance. Another application; another self-evaluation; another look at the script; another anxious wait and then an email. “Congratulations!” The play will be seen at Ugly Duck Creative Space on the 17th and 18th of December.

The Loft at Ugly Duck

So the work begins. Auditions, casting, finding a team of willing people to make the whole thing come to fruition. I am truly humbled by the enthusiasm of the actors who came to audition. Hearing the words come off the page with energy and passion was a truly emotional experience. There is little money but we are hopeful of generosity from our crowdfunding site.

And there will be a short tour in January when a new audience will have the chance of seeing the story of the Salter family come alive once more. It is a play that will move, amuse and inspire. It is the right time to show. The times are changing and Politic Man is ready to join the voices of those who question. Leadership: what is it and how can we find the truth tellers? The Salters of the present age who tell the truth no matter the consequences and work hard for others, not themselves.. A far cry from the clowning and antagonism of Trump and the widening divide between the rich and poor. The dispossessed and the greedy.

The play is set in Bermondsey and is being performed in the heart of that community. But it could be anywhere in the world if only there was a Salter to start the momentum.

Come and see it and support us in our quest.


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