About Us

Three4All Theatre Company was founded after the success of Ellen, a new play written by Alison Mead and performed at the Henley Fringe Festival in 2009. It’s core aims are to create new and exciting work and experiment in non-theatre spaces, whilst also supporting talent from all backgrounds and walks-of-life.
Politic Man is the newest play written by Alison Mead and is due to make its premiere at The Loft, a diverse performance space at the Ugly Duck Creative in the up-and-coming area of Bermondsey, London.
This play explores the antithesis between the public and the private face of politicians and asks if it is ever possible to stick to your principles at all times. It is the true story of Alfred Salter and his wife Ada, who between them, stood for local, mayoral and parliamentary elections throughout their lives. Salter and his wife proved that moral values and integrity could walk hand in hand with leadership. Through their eyes, we are asking what leadership really is.