The Creative Cake

So here we are nearly ready to start the meal. There have been and still are a myriad jobs to do. Phone calls to make, agreements to be made, then changed, re-formed, changed again and  improved upon. You may say “This doesn’t sound like the theatre- making process.” And it is true, the glamour is … More The Creative Cake

What happens next?

On the way up to South London on the train recently, it was a school’s out day with  bored children seeking entertainment from their parents who did not wish to comply. So they – the children –  told each other stories. Silly ones that began “Once upon a time there was a green frog” and … More What happens next?

Chaos and Confusion

So where are we now? Leaving Europe; welcoming another woman as Prime Minister who looks and speaks remarkably like the first one; sifting through the resignations which flutter like hungry birds around the desks of the mighty and the blond clown is back and looking after our foreign affairs. All good there then. And the … More Chaos and Confusion

Imitating Art

On Sunday 30th November people gathered on Bermondsey Riverside for an unveiling. The veils were carefully placed over a family. The Salter family, who have been mentioned many times in these posts, were to be re-established in the space next to the Angel Pub which forms the opening scene of Politic Man.   Night. Reflections … More Imitating Art

From Page to Stage

The approach of performance is like waiting for a guest to arrive that you don’t know very well. Politic Man is to be performed for a tiny fifteen minutes at the Cockpit Theatre on Monday 13th October. It will be seen amongst other new writing as part of their Theatre in the Pound initiative. The importance of at last seeing … More From Page to Stage

The Full Story

When Simon Cowell glares at the contestants, he pays no heed to the churning realism of putting it “out there”. He doesn’t need to care about them. They are just the reality of the absurd reality of the TV reality show. When people see theatre, they have opinions. And those opinions are sought out and … More The Full Story

The Contemporary Bite

Having lived for so many years with the story of Alfred Salter and his fight with poverty I confess to being somewhat shell shocked at having finished the play “Politic Man”. (A new title, my blogging followers will notice) “The helmet of Pluto which maketh the Politic Man  go invisible, is secrecy in the counsel … More The Contemporary Bite

Sculpture Park

Last night my journey of repair began at the National Theatre over a lime cordial and soda. It was suggested to me some time ago by one of the many patient and supportive theatre colleagues I know that a Dramaturge would help me to shape structure and refine the jumble of material that is “The … More Sculpture Park